monoCromo Fanzine, sobre "El Boxeo como una de las Bellas Artes" A4 en color. Madrid 2014 - 2015

"El Retablo" (detalle) Técnica Mixta. Estudio Beneficencia Tribunal - Madrid 2017

Centro Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo Buero Vallejo (Alcorcón - Madrid) Enero 2019

"El Boxeo como una de las Bellas Artes" (Alcorcón - Madrid) Fotografía: Cesar Lucas Abreu 2019

"El Boxeo como una de las Bellas Artes" (Alcorcón - Madrid) Fotografía: Cesar Lucas Abreu 2019

"El Boxeo como una de las Bellas Artes" (Alcorcón - Madrid) Fotografía: Cesar Lucas Abreu 2019

Boxing as one of the fine arts


El boxeo como una de las bellas artes


This project involves combining certain fine arts disciplines with boxing, first by experiencing boxing first-hand through three years of training (2014-2017), then applying the sensations and experiences derived from this training to painting, illustration, collage, assemblage, installation art, video and photography.


The project is based in part on the intellectual works on boxing by Mexican poet and essayist Musselburgh Salvador Novo, American jazz musician buy gabapentin 100mg uk Miles Davis, and Swiss poet and boxer Arthur Cravan.


Boxing as one of the Fine Arts is comprised of four parts:

  1. Physical training and learning to box.
  2. Development of the project’s theoretical base.
  3. The creative component: Express the whole training process through visual and plastic arts.
  4. Presenting and exhibiting the project outcomes.


primaquine 7.5 mg for sale Collaborators: in Spain: Cesar Lucas Abreu, Valentín Vegara, Pedro Herrero, Jorge Pablo Polo, Fernando Monroy, Yeray González and Marucha García Mateos. in Mexico: Alpha Elena Escobedo, Tomás Contreras, Elena Trejo and Daniela Gutiérrez.


Art exhibition of the art project results from January 9 to 29, 2019 in the El Paso gallery of the Buero Vallejo Municipal Art Center, Alcorcon (Madrid, Spain).

Next exhibition in the ORO Room in the Centro Cultural de las Fronteras, opening: Friday 7/02/20 19h. (until 9/04) Cd. Juarez, (Mexico).  Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the physical exhibition has been saved giving way to the virtual exhibition of the project to be presented for the first time at the FESTIVAL DE ARTE NUEVO Chihuahua Mexico, from 08/31 to 10/03. Intervention of the virtual exhibition: 2/10 16h. Chihuahua, 3/10 12h. Madrid. 

Next virtual presentations of the project are being prepared in several cities in Mexico, the USA and Spain. The itinerary of physical exposure will continue when the virus contingency passes.

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