Chipe entered the graphic design world in 2005, working in Spain for fashion magazines such as: Fashion & Arts Magazine (La Vanguardia), charHadas, El Corte Inglés (children’s fashion), S Moda (El País), ¡HOLA! Fashion and ¡HOLA! Especiales, Woman Madame Figaro, Avenue Illustrated, Robb Report, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Zero, Neo2, europa (Air Europa), etc. He has also created zines: La Escultura (2018), Cañon “nice pics” (2016 – 2017), RUS “fanzine para artistas totales” (2015), monocromo “just one” (2014), Velcro “put a brave face” (2013), Les Ciseaux (2012), Beat Me “provoking the creative process” (2011- 2012) a project supported by Media Noche Gallery NY., in the US, Speed “pop culture miscellany” (2006 – 2010) y El Lonche “visual experiment” (2005 – 2006). He has also done illustrations and collages for the following brands: Uterqüe, Roberto Verino, El Corte Inglés, Prada Eyewear, Clarins, American Apparel, Adidas, Guess, etc.