"Burning House I" Díptico/acrílico 180cm. x 90cm. Madrid 2017

"Burning House II" Díptico/acrílico 180cm. x 90cm. Madrid 2018

"Burning House" Estudio Beneficencia Tribunal - Madrid 2017

Burning House


Casa Ardiendo


Burning House / Casa Ardiendo is Juan Pablo Chipe’s latest visual arts project. It includes a series of acrylic paintings, many of them diptychs measuring 180 x 90 cm, as well as some collage and assemblage pieces. He designed a ceramic teacup and saucer for the series, which is available in a limited series of 30 sets. They are individually hand-painted using the on-glaze technique (dishwasher-safe). Made in Zaragoza, Spain 2017. Coming soon to the online store.